LAoE is now under GPL license. LAoE is provided "as it is", without warranty of any kind and without guaranteed support, you may use it at your completely own risks!!!

I just ask you one thing: Please send me a feedback, your opinion about LAoE. It doesn't matter if you love or hate it, please send me your comment at Give a chance to LAoE to evolve.


My name is

Olivier Gäumann, alias "oli4". I am currently the owner and the only developer on this project. I'm doing this just for fun at home.  I do not count the number of hours of work... hours? days? weeks? months? years?


LAoE binaries can be downloaded here or at sourceforge. This is the latest release. LAoE is written in java, it requires JRE6 or higher! You find it here.

laoe_bin_0_7_06.tar.gz (1.4MB) 22-01-2011


LAoE source can be downloaded at sourceforge.


To install LAoE, do the following: 

  1. if not available, install the java runtime environment JRE6 or higher

  2. extract the file laoe_bin_vx_x_xx.tar.gz into a desired location

To launch LAoE, do the following: 

  1. Linux: execute (e.g. double-click) the script laoe

  2. OS X: execute (e.g. double-click) the script laoe

  3. Windows: execute (e.g. double-click) the batch laoe.bat

Install and launch

(c) 2001-2011 oli4, switzerland